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ICE TOY™ - Ice Cone Dog Cooling Toy

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The toy to cool and entertain your dog!

The GF PET® ICE-TOY™ is designed to keep your dog cool and entertained! It also provides relief for dogs with sore gums.


  • Open the bottom cap
  • Fill it once with water
  • Make sure the cap is correctly back on
  • Freeze it
  • Let your pet enjoy!


  • Do not recommend for intense chewers
  • Do not leave pet unattended while using this item

100% silicone

This product is final sale. Cannot return or exchange. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Great for the warmer days and teething puppies!

My dog love this!

Unable to fill

Can't remove the cap where it say ''fill here'' it refuse to comme out and when we try harder we broke a part of the thing used to pull on.

Hi Max,

We're sorry to hear that you're having so much trouble removing the Ice-Toy's stopper!

Usually, twisting the stopper at the same time as you're pulling the stopper up (and out) will work, with just a little wiggling & persistence. It is very important to have clean, dry hands as you do this. Make sure the silicone is clean and dry, too!

A GF Pet Team member will be contacting you to provide additional assistance.

Thank you!

The GF Pet Team