Our Story

Rethinking dog clothing with pet parents in mind.

Founded in 2014, GF Pet® has grown to be a household name. From our humble but enthusiastic beginnings, we have taken the close-knit relationships with our own dogs as the main source of inspiration for anything branded GF Pet®.

Let's face it, life with dogs is more fun. At GF Pet® we design for them with the highest care, sturdy expertise, and always with the relationship between dog and human at the forefront of our curiosity.


Everything we make is developed with a function-first perspective.

Best known for our exclusive and patented GF PET® ELASTO-FIT® Designs, we bring great fit, superior value, and innovative, head-turning styles to help pets and their owners live comfortably and hassle-free!

Design & Innovation

Our design process begins from curiosity, utility, and personality.

With colorful designs accompanied by technologies like our signature Elasto-Fit, we take pet parenting seriously. The Design and Innovation stages, allows us to imagine and construct innovative products that are beautiful, purposeful, technical, and resonate with you.


We are committed to offering you and your pet an experience that you will want to repeat.

Our attention to detail, our quality, and our ability to offer a smooth customer experience, is why we have become a household name. And we’re just getting started!


GF Pet is devoted to participating in causes that give back to animal kind.

We believe that every dog deserves to be surrounded by humans who care and who bring them happiness and stability. We hope to inspire our community to do the same, so we can make a positive impact in human and pet lives alike.

Meet The Team


Chief Barketing Officer

Mini Australian Labradoodle, Age 2

• Other Duties: Office Casanova & Pig Ear Guardian
• Fits: Size M
• Favorite Elasto-fit® Raincoat: Yellow Reversible
• Favorite Sweater: Cozy Hoodie in Off White
• Favorite Elasto-fit® Jacket: Retro Puffer in Hazel


Lead Fit Model & Trainer

Boxer, Age 11

• Other Duties: Food Thief & Warehouse Inspector
• Fits: Size 2XL
• Favorite Elasto-fit® Raincoat: Orange Insulated
• Favorite Sweater: Gondola Base Layer in Pink or Grey (she can’t decide)
• Favorite Elasto-fit® Jacket: Light Wash Denim Jacket


Chief Security Officer

Cane Corso, Age 3

• Other Duties: Swiftest & Most Enthusiastic Treat Tester
• Fits: Size 4XL (Round)
• Favorite Elasto-fit® Raincoat: Green Reversible
• Favorite Sweater: Retro Sweater in Lavender
• Favorite Elasto-fit® Jacket: Retro Puffer in Sand


Canine Complaint Management

Boston Terrier, Age 10

• Other Duties: Treat Shelving Organizer & Cricket Tester
• Fits: Size S
• Favorite Elasto-fit® Raincoat: Neon Yellow Tie Dye
• Favorite Sweater: Chunky Chalet Sweater in Oatmeal
• Favorite Elasto-fit® Jacket: Camouflage Recycled Parka


Office Prancer & Box Guarder

Standard Poodle, Age 11

• Other Duties: Looking Comfy on Big Pillows
• Fits: Size XL
• Favorite Elasto-fit® Raincoat: Navy Reversible
• Favorite Sweater: Urban Hoodie in Heather Grey
• Favorite Elasto-fit® Jacket: Chalet Jacket in Pink


Fashionista & Glamour Model

Great Dane, Age 2

• Other Duties: Kangaroo & Eyelash Batter
• Fits: Size 4XL (Lean)
• Favorite Elasto-fit® Raincoat: Neon Aqua Iridescent
• Favorite Sweater: Chalet Sweater in Pink
• Favorite Elasto-fit® Jacket: Recycled Iridescent Parka


Canine Vegan Fur Stylist

Yorkshire Terrier, Age 5

• Other Duties: Sleeping Diagonally
• Fits: Size XS
• Favorite Elasto-fit® Raincoat: Red Reversible
• Favorite Sweater: Trekking Sweater in Blue
• Favorite Elasto-fit® Jacket: Reversible Chalet Jacket in Black