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ICE MAT™ - Pet Cooling Mat | Yellow



The cooling mat your pet needs.

The GF PET® ICE MAT® is designed to keep your dog cool and comfortable on those hot days!

Product details:

  • Feels up to 7° cooler than room temperature
  • Requires no refrigeration, water or electricity
  • You may refrigerate for extra cooling effect
  • Perfect for use after excessive exercise or hot days
  • Non-toxic cooling gel
  • 100% polyester taffeta
  • S/M: 24" (60cm)
  • L/XL: 32" (80cm)


  • Unfold and enjoy!
  • Sharp claws can puncture.
  • Do not leave unattended if your dog is prone to chewing

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Beth Witney
Hot day cool

Our miniature dachshund finds cool comfort on her yellow mat. At first she was hesitant to stay put but now she just plunks herself down for a rest after running around the garden. Given the hot summer ahead, the mat will help keep our girl cool and comfortable, especially as she likes to stay outdoors with us. We are planning to take the mat with us on our winter Caribbean vacation next February so our dog will be kept cool in the tropics.

Terrier family
Super cool!

Does what it says cute, cold and durable

Sandy Z
No uncomfortable seams!

I have three different cooling pads for my Pomeranian. She loves this one the best. There are no seams dividing the cooling area which makes it more comfortable for her. When she sees me pull this out of the fridge on a hot day, she literally goes nuts! Running in circles and so excited until she gets on top of the pad. She likes all her cooling pads but this is the only one she freaks out over. I'm buying two more just to have backups. Thank you for a great product!

Thank you for such awesome review! We're so happy she loves her Ice Mat

Bruce Y.
Fantastic Product!

They arrived just in time for the west coast heatwave! My two Wheaten Terriers took to them immediately. I put them in the fridge for extra cooling. Perfect size. I would definitely recommend this product!!

Kristi McLachlan
I am so incredibly impressed with your products and your customer service!

A couple weeks ago I bought two of the cooling mats the large one and the small one buying the larger one just to have around the house and then the smaller one for my dogs bed or our bed LOL I bought the avocado pattern and I honestly can’t say enough about them either my dog seemed to know exactly what it was and went straight to it and has been laying on them ever since they’re just amazing again super happy with the design and the quality they’re so fun and they work!